The structure of the course

Structure of the Professional course of


Topics Covered:

-Basic posture, behavior and concentration;

-General assessment of the level of tension;

-Work on feet: warming and relaxation, movement of joints;

-Energy lines of the legs: internal and external;

-Stretching and relaxing pressure of the individual legs;

-excercises with the two-legs: stretching and elongation;

-Relaxation of the abdomen;


-Arms: energy lines and stretching;

-Hands: relaxation of the joints with movement exercises of them;

-Lateral position: relaxation of the energy lines of the legs, back, arms, shoulders and neck, with related  elongations;

-Back side of the body: relaxation of the feet and their joints, lines of the legs, stretchins of the the legs, locust posture, back relaxation, energy lines of the back, cobra;

-Sitting position: shoulders and shoulder blades, relaxation of them, relaxation of the neck, head with his respective pressure points, stretching and extensions;

-Face: relaxation and anti stress points.