T. Y. Passive relaxation

This art derives from the Ancient and Traditional Thai massage. Finds the origins in the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, in the Yoga practice and part of the knowledge also comes form Chinese Medicine. The theoretical foundation are based on the concepts of invisible lines that run through the body.

The T.Y. passive relaxation works in this lines through a complete set of techniques that uses hands, fingers, feet, forearms and knees. The body gets pulled, stretched and relaxed in a gentle and deep way using techniques which resemble the passive yoga practice.

The T.Y. passive relaxation helps to rebuild a general well being, leads to a complete relaxation through the unblocking of physical contractures, of points of tension and by increasing the flexibility. The pressions are the means to stimulate the blood circulation and the lymphatic drainage allowing the free flow of the vital energy.

The treatment is conducted on the floor on a proper mattress, wearing comfortable and light clothes.


T.Y. passive relaxation of feet

According to Thai tradition it’s also important the Foot Massage (Thai reflexology). This particular technique involves the manipulation of the feet through specific reflex points which gets stimulated to bring banefit to the all body and the internal organs.