Advanced treatments



Discussion of specific cases in Thai Yoga Relaxation and Passive.

During the treatment is possible to detect contracture and it is necessary to distinguish what was the  caused whether from fatigue,from excessive effort or prolonged stress, which causes a reduction in circulation for the mental duress exerted in that area.

It is possible to detect certain Trigger Points into a muscle or its fascia that causes pain. These project the pain either at rest and/or during movement. They weaken the muscle in which they are located, causing the limitation of the movement and elongation. It is recognizable from an area within a iperirritabile bandelletta contracted by a skeletal muscle, localized in muscle tissue and/or its fascia. If it is not recognized and treated, the affected muscles “learn” to avoid pain, and they get  “accustomed to-control”, by constricting the movement, with consequent stiffness, atrophy and finally dysfunction of the same muscles.
These points often lead to sleep disorders and cause myofascial muscle stiffness, especially after the night period or after long sitting period in one position.

Frequently, the response to the specific treatment of the Trigger Point, is the disappearance of the immediate localized  pain, the projected pain and the response shown in rapid local contraction, with phasing of the limitation of the movement of the muscle.

If the syndrome has been present for a long time (months or years), it can take several treatments.