About us

Corinne Crosina

Corinne begun to study with Asokananda in 2001 at the Sunshine School of Chiang Mai in which she became a teacher herself. She attended several advanced classes with European physiotherapists and osteopaths and with Pichest Bounthomme, famous Thai Massage teacher. She learned Chakra – Rebalancing techniques with Martin Brofman.

In 2004 she attended a one year training course on naturopathy. She attended also ayurvedic massage classes for specialists.

In 2010 she specialized in Neuro Muscle Taping.


Gualberto Palmieri

Gualberto started his massage studies with the graduation in the famous “Shivago komarpaj Hold Medicine Hospital“ of Chiang Mai – Thailand -  dedicated to Shivago, founder and master of the Traditional Thai Massage.
The degrees of this school are recognized by the Thai Educational and Health Governments and by the Italian Embassy.
He studied then at the “Sunshine Network” located in a Lahu tribe village in the north of Thailand. He attended a Traditional Thai Massage training course for 12 days, 90 hours from 25th March 2007 to 5th April 2007. This school was founded by Asokananda, who passed away in 2005 and who is known as one of the greatest experts in Thai Massage of the last century. Asokananda wrote the first book in English about this kind of massage more than 20 years ago and it is still used in several classes and different schools as the most complete and up-to-date book.


Andrea Baglioni

Andrea was born in 1964 and since 1992 has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage. He started his studies at the Ancient Medicine School Hospital of Chiang Mai in Thailand. Then he went on with Asokananda and became advanced teacher. He was always very close to Asokananda so that when he prematurely died Andrea succeeded to him at the head of the Sunshine Network Lahu village school in Thailand.

He is also co-founder of the Thai massage School “Metta College” and of the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Association in London.


Anna Carla Possanzini

After her graduation in biological science Anna taught mathematic and science in high schools. When she left teaching she spent very much time on travelling (Central America, Middle East, North Africa, Asia, New Zeeland) and on studying the human body and body expression techniques. She practices Vipassana Meditation on regular basis and attended several retreats in Italy and Asia. In 1991 she started to learn and to practice Thai Massage with Asokananda, a teacher that lived and worked in Thailand and other Thai teachers. In 1992 she organized in Italy the first Thai Massage training course, which since then took place every year with Asokananda. She assisted Asokananda in many training courses in Italy, Thailand and New Zeeland. Since 1994 she is an authorized teacher for beginner and advanced students. She worked on the translation of “The Thai Massage” book by Asokananda edited from Edizioni Mediterranee. She is member of the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage and one of  the founder of A.T.T,Y.M.I. (Ass. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Italia) and of  TYMANZ (Thai Yoga Massage Association of New Zealand).


Matteo Tahir Gallini

In 1997 Matteo started his spiritual inner journey with Osho. On this path he experimented different meditation techniques which now he spreads through his teaching. He studied Thai Massage first at the Chaimonkol Massage School in  Chiang Mai and then graduated at the International School of the Ancient Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai – Thailand. He also attended several advanced classes with European physiotherapists and osteopaths and with Pichest Bounthomme, famous Thai Massage teacher.

Ermanno Visintainer

Born in 1961 in Italy Ermanno is a teacher in the school of Asokananda. He has been practicing and teaching martial arts since 1981. In 1986 he started Thai Yoga Massage and in 1991 he graduated at the Natural and Iridiologia Medical School in Trento. Since 1997 he has been teaching at  the school of Asokananda. At the moment he practices and teaches Thai Massage, Kerala Massage and Sciamanic Massage in different countries such as Thailand, Mongolia and Croatia.


Roberta Mugnai

Roberta started her Thai Massage career in 1999 at the Ancient Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai – Thailand.  The same year she studied foot reflexology in Milan. In 2000 she started her studies with Asokananda in Thailand and at the Traditional Medical School at Wat Po in Bangkok. She attended several advanced training courses. She studied Hata Yoga and graduated as a teacher in 2003 at the Hata Yoga Society in Chiang Mai. She studied ayurvedic massage. In 2003 Asokananda qualified Roberta as Thai Massage teacher, In 2004 she attended a cranio sacral balancing training and in 2008 a Californian massage training at the  Naturopathy School  Na.me


Laurino Bertelli

Laurino started his studies about the art of the Thai Massage in 1994 with Asokananda and with him he carried on his career and in 1997 became a teacher. Laurino teaches both beginners and advanced courses in several countries such as Thailand, of course, Greece, Italy, Canada and others. He is also Yoga and Vipassana Meditation (ancient Buddhist meditation) instructor. He lives between Italy, India and Thailand.


Cristina Radivo

Cristina started her career in the art of Thai Massage in 1995 at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok (Thailand) and specialized at “The Foundation of  SHIVAGO KOMARPAJ”, at I.T.M, at the “Nerv-Touch” School of Lech Chaya and at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMS).

Since 2000 she has been following the teaching of Asokananda in Italy, Croatia and Thailand. Since 2003 she is one of the “authorized teachers” at the Sunshine Network and teaches and works in Trieste with the www.waithai.it


Cristina Rieder

She started her career in 1991 at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand. The year after she attended a Thai Massage training course at the Old Hospital Medicine School of Chang Mai and in the same year she met Asokananda and carried on her career with him. Finally in 2002 she became a teacher in his school. With him she graduated also as yoga instructor. Now she teaches Thai Massage and Yoga for high school children. She built an Asokananda Association to spread both massage and acts of solidarity throughout the world.


Ivan Medici

Ivan started his Thai Massage career in 2003 with a beginner course at the ITM School of Chiang Mai, founded by one of the Old Medicine Hospital teacher. Since 2006 he carried on his studies at the Sunshine Network both in the city and in the Lahu tribe village school, which is now called “Research Centre” and attended beginners and advanced training courses. In 2009 he became an assistant at the “Research Centre” School and started to study with Pichest Bounthomme. In 2004 Ivan spent 6 months in the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, where he practiced yoga and graduated as yoga Teacher in January 2005. In the same year he also attended a three month Ayurveda training course at the “Traditional School of Ayurveda and Massage” in Bagsunag, India, where he learned different massage and panchakarma treatment techniques. He also deepened Vipasana meditation thanks to long and intensive winter retreats at the Vipassana Panditarama Center in Lumbini, Nepal.


Daniele Antonio Ceolari

After spending 9 years in India, Daniele in 2003 went back to Thailand, where he will live for several years and will (in addition to Thai Massage studies) train Muay Thai in several camps : From 2003 to 2004 with Master Pong at the Thapae Stadium Gym of Chiang Mai. From 2004 to 2007 at the Chay Yai Gym with Master Roengkam (Bee)  of Chiang Mai. From 2007 to 2010 with Master Lek Sor Anucha at the Thai Muay Thai Gym of Chang Mai. In December 2010 at the Tiger Muay Thai of Phuket. From January to March 2011 with the Master Chompong (A) at the Chay Yai Gym of Chang Mai. He also visited every now and then other camps in order to learn and to put various techniques into practice. He played in several Muay Thai matches. He works now as personal trainer in Verona.

He started his first massage course on the 1st of December 2003 at the ” Shivagakomarpaj Old Medicine Hospital” of Chiang Mai, where after the first 60 hours training classes he practiced with professionals of the school for the next 3 months and built up other 300 practice hours. He keeps on studying at the ”Thai Massage School Of Chiang Mai” with an authorization of the Educational Department and in April 2005 he gets the Professional Teacher Degree  International (300 hours of practice) and a Foot Reflexology Degree. These two last degrees are also linked to public acknowledgement after Daniele held one riflessology course at the “Chiang Mai Cultural Council” and one Traditional Thai Massage Course at the reformatory of Chiang Mai.  From 2nd March to 10 th June 2009 Daniele works with Wandee, his therapist, and gets one degree attesting 600 hours of practice. From 28thFebruary to 2nd Marc 2011 he puts into practice Free Style Massage techniques. In addition to meditation and yoga, which Daniele practiced for long time in India, he learns Vipassana meditation in a retreat at the “Wat Prathat Doi Sutep”, famous temple in Chiang Mai.


Matteo Lucchini

In 1999 Matteo achieved one ITEC International Degree in Holistic Massage at the Walmer Holistic Center in Dublin. He moved then to Thailand and studied at the Old Medicine Hospital of Chiang Mai where he stayed for over two months for practicing and for private lessons. Since end 2000 Matteo works as a full time masseur in Arona, Maggiore Lake.

In 2003 Matteo went back to Thailand and studied for three weeks with Pischet Boonthumme. He also attended between 2004 and 2006 basic foot reflexology and massokinesi courses.  In 2008 he attended one advanced course about side position and pregnant women with Andrea Baglioni at Molina di Ledro. In 2009 and 2010 Matteo attended one week advanced course on Iz Island – Croatia with various international teachers. Since three years he has been studying with Prof. Gavino Scanu, Osteopath and Massofisiotherapist and inventor of the PRALD – Postural Rearrangement and Lyphatic Drainage – Method. Since the end of last year he has been attending the two-year Massotherapy MCB Course at Busto Arsizio (Varese), which is  officially recognized

In 2006 he started to teach basic and advanced Thai Massage and since September 2011 has been cooperating as a teacher with the CSTM of Lugano.